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Information Technology IT
- An Information Technology (IT) system concerns the processing, storage and/or transfer of information.
Information can take many different forms such as words, numbers, pictures, sounds or video.
- An IT system can consist of computers, the telecommunications network and other
programmable electronic devices.
- IT is often seen as a very daunting subject because it involves many different specialist areas. However, the basic principle of IT is to simply help us to improve
the way we deal with information in all areas of our lives.
- IT is used in business, industry, government, education, health care and in everyday
home/social life.
Computers enable us to process information and perform specific tasks much more
quickly that we can often do ourselves.
- IT systems are usually very flexible and can be made to perform a wide variety of
different tasks.
- IT networks allow us to distribute and share information very quickly (a prime
example is the Internet).
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